Yuri Shevchuk
rock musician, actor, composer, poet, singer, record producer, singer-songwriter, public figure, songwriter, painter, producer, peace activist
Юрий Шевчук
Юрий Шевчук
Yuri Yulianovich Shevchuk (Russian: Юрий Юлианович Шевчук; born 16 May 1957, Yagodnoye, Magadan Oblast) is a Soviet and Russian rock musician and singer/songwriter who leads the rock band DDT, which he founded with Vladimir Sigachev in 1980. He is best known for his distinctive gravelly voice. His lyrics detail aspects of Russian life with a wry, humanistic sense of humor. He is also famous for opposing pop music culture (especially playback performances) for many years. He is often accredited with being the greatest songwriter in present-day Russia.
Place of birth:Yagodnoye
Date of birth:16 May 1957