Roza Eldarova
writer, politician, journalist
Roza Eldarova
Roza Eldarova
Roza Abdulbasirovna Eldarova (Russian: Роза Абдулбасировна Эльдарова; born December 21, 1923) is a Soviet and Russian journalist, writer, and politician who was the first woman to hold the highest political office in Dagestan. She was elected chairwoman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (DASSR) in March 1962. Simultaneously elected to the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR as a deputy for the DASSR, she became a member of the Presidium of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet in April 1962. Eldarova retired from active involvement in politics since 1989 but continues to write. She published a memoir in 2008.
Place of birth:Buynaksky District
Date of birth:21 December 1923