Nikolai Drozdov
naturalist, television presenter, journalist
Nikolai Drozdov
Nikolai Drozdov
Russian naturalist and broadcaster Nikolay Nikolaievich Drozdov (Russian: Николай Николаевич Дроздов; born 20 June 1937) is a Russian doctor of biological sciences, candidate of geographical sciences, zoological sciences, professor of Moscow State University, a public figure, member of the expert council of the national award "Crystal Compass," a member of the media council of the Russian Geographical Society. Drozdov has worked on the Russian show In the World of Animals for over 30 years beginning in 1968. He served as a commentator, and then in 1977 became a writer on the show and an anchor. He is a recipient of The Golden Orpheus TV award. In the World of Animals won the TEFI award as the best popular scientific program in 1995. Drozdov was elected to the Russian TV Academy in 1996. Drozdov is a recipient of the Kalinga Prize as well as the UNESCO Albert Einstein medal (gold). He has written 20 books and numerous articles, and is an ecology adviser to the UN Secretary General.
Place of birth:Moscow
Date of birth:20 June 1937