Mustai Karim
dramaturgy, playwright, poet, prosaist, prose
Mustai Karim
Mustai Karim
Mustai Karim (Bashkir: Мyстай Кәрим, real name Mustafa Safich Karimov Bashkir: Мостафа Сафа улы Кәримов, 20 October 1919 – 21 September 2005), was a Bashkir Soviet poet, writer and playwright. He was named People's poet of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (1963), Hero of Socialist Labor (1979), and winner of the Lenin Prize (1984) and the State Prize of the USSR (1972).
Place of birth:Kliashevo
Date of birth:20 October 1919
Date of death:21 September 2005