Lara Fabian
recording artist, singer, singer-songwriter, musician
Lara Fabian
Lara Fabian
Belgo-Canadian singer Lara Sophie Katy Crokaert (born 9 January 1970), better known as Lara Fabian, is a Canadian-Belgian singer, songwriter, musician, actress and producer. She has sold over 20 million records worldwide as of September 2017 and is one of the best-selling Belgian artists of all time. She was born in Etterbeek, Brussels to a Belgian father and a Sicilian mother. Since 1996 she holds a Canadian citizenship alongside her original Belgian citizenship. As of 2015 she lived in Walloon Brabant province in Belgium just outside Brussels. She has since moved back to Montreal.
Place of birth:Etterbeek
Date of birth:09 January 1970